Technical Illustrations

Since I am smack in the middle of a prototyping phase for my new company, I thought I would record some designer notes I have learned to consider, because they matter.

  • develop a list of parts, each part gets a number
  • design the skeleton with the skin in mind
  • the skeleton will need to make room for organs
  • the skeletal frame will need to look charming or attractive And protect the organs inside
  • leave room for movement between parts – but not too much!
  • conceal the working parts from weather, people, animals, etc.
  • write an algorithm; this, then, that, etc. as early in the design phase as possible

The algorithm will serve as a reminder of Why the project needed to breath and provides a bit of an outline for the different types of grocery lists that may be required in order to complete the task of fabrication and prototyping.

Too much room between parts looks and may sound sloppy. A group of loosely connected gears, lever arms, etc. will lead to rapid degradation of the piece. Connects parts but not too loosely and not to tightly either, a happy medium will depend upon the nature of the materials and the experience and familiarity of the fabricator.

Published by richiegunn

I am designing ecologically friendly play-scapes and themed environments in Traverse City, Michigan.

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