Wolf by the Ears

I “created” the above images using the Mid Journey AI content generator. It took me 2 minutes to create each image and most of that time was spent waiting on the server to “cook” the ingredients. As with every meatloaf-type endeavor the taste or quality of the thing is directly related to the quality of the ingredients. Good ingredients in, good flavor out or; garbage in, garbage out.

If you covet the creation of compelling images, think of the AI image generators like music players. We can listen to lots of songs in one day, the average pop song is 3 minutes 20 seconds and shrinking. How much time do you have to listen to music?

How much of your time is Image Generation worth? Maybe we generate 5 or 10 cool images per day and then move on to other projects. Then what have you said about yourself? If a picture is worth a thousand words one should be careful with the AI. Artificial intelligence isn’t evil, we are. So be careful Graphic Arts Friend. A body of work will reveal much about the ingredients of the artist. We are still a part of the AI process, we still have Authentic Intelligence, some. So be careful!

Artificial Intelligence is the Wolf and we will have to have it by the ears.

A warning for the consumer of the built environment. Many of the “build-able” looking images generated by AI and a clever co-captain are impossible to build OR may be build-able but prohibitively expensive. So again, be careful, curb your enthusiasm. Budgeting will help.

For the architects and engineers… Our battle will be managing the expectations of clientele. Keep in mind what the 30 second time-lapse renovation has done for client expectations. Many DIYers do not show real-time problems that pop up. Ever had a hassle-free project?

My free advice for y’all in these Interesting Times is here:

A. Ask yourself, “How much does That cost?

B. Be skeptical, what is the message?

C. Consider the source of the image

D. Don’t believe everything you see

E. Eat food with good ingredients (bonus!)

Published by richiegunn

I am designing ecologically friendly play-scapes and themed environments from Traverse City, Michigan.

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